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Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Magnus Pack, Book 1
Format: Paperback, Kindle

Pack Challenge4 Stars
Sizzling Surprise! Quick, Fiery, and Fun!

I've been in a reading doldrums of late, the books I've been reading ending up leaving me dissatisfied and just sort of "Meh," so I was really hoping Pack Challenge would shake that up a bit for me and break the ennui. I was pleasantly surprised. While lacking the depth of character development and plot of some of the masters of the paranormal romance genre, I enjoyed my first Laurenston book (it won't be my last), and both the world and shape shifters in it.

I enjoyed Zach and Sara, their relationship was full of fun and searing heat. Zach is deliciously uber-alpha male and Sara's a ballsy broad with a lot of personal strength. And Sara's two best friends, Angie and Miki are wickedly fun, especially when the three amigos are squabbling and screaming at each other (with love).

There's some violence in Pack Challenge, and it's far more sexually graphic than traditional mass market paperbacks, but that's not a complaint - more a caution to readers who prefer both violence and sex in books to be more euphemistically handled. Both are dealt with more with a nod towards the animal halves of the dual-natured characters.

I enjoyed all aspects of the book, have no major complaints, and thank Pack Challenge for breaking me out of my reading rut with a deliciously meaty treat. Yum.


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