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Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews

Genre: SciFi Romance
Series: N/A
Rating: 4 Stars
Formats: Kindle

Silent Blade
Short But Satisfying

While Silent Blade is novella-length, it's written with a surprising depth and emotion that I found appealing. I'm rather amazed that Ilona Andrews managed to combine such interesting world building and character development in such a short vehicle...though maybe I shouldn't be, as I'm a tremendous fan of her writing style. I am also surprised at how much I enjoyed this, as science fiction is by no means a preferred genre of mine. This was a pleasant little read that I enjoyed very much, and while I can see how expanding this into a full-length novel would definitely appeal to the fans of the genre, I think it may have been a little too much for me to really enjoy. This shorter format worked very nicely for me.


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